Pastoral Reflections :: The Importance of Church Planting

By: Billy Waters, Lead Pastor

Wellspring Englewood

A couple of weeks ago, Wellspring was privileged to host the Always Forward Church Planting conference.  Always Forward is the church planting initiative of the Anglican Church in North America.  At the conference, we welcomed over 100 potential church planters, current church planters, and church planting leaders from around the country.  Our goal was to cultivate relationships, provoke thought, and provide practical training for this new work.  I am thrilled to say that it was a huge success!  A hearty thanks to the entire Wellspring staff and especially Leah Robin who carried the lion share of the administrative and logistical load.  

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to worship Him with all our heart, be formed into His image, and be a people sent on mission.  The mission of Wellspring is not only to reach into our community with the gospel (youth, the Well, Beloved, Medical clinic, Neighborhood Rehab project, etc…) but also send new congregations into gospel deficient neighborhoods.  In starting and sending new communities, we are participating in God’s narrative throughout history.  

The need to plant churches is growing daily.  There are two billion people on planet earth who have never heard of Jesus.  Because most of the radically unchurched are in places like Europe and North Africa, “We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God” (John Stott).  As we look at church planting globally, we are also invited to look at church planting locally.  George Hunter says that in the Unites States, we have 180 million people with no connection to the local church, making it "the largest mission field in the Western Hemisphere.”  Winfield Bevins writes, “with more than 337 languages, the Unites States has become the most multicultural and multilingual nation on earth.”  

According to the Denver Post, Colorado grew by 102,000 people in 2015.  We have a staggering opportunity to reach the nations in our own backyard and the best way to do that is the starting of new gospel communities around the Denver Metro area. 

During this conference, I couldn’t help but think about Wellspring.  I am so deeply thankful for this community and how as a church plant, God has used us to plant two other churches.  May God continue to use us to advance His Kingdom.  The commission that Archbishop Foley has given us is, “Forward, Forward, Always Forward.”