Serving God in Uganda After a Season of Waiting

By: Micah and Avrey Hughes

Wellspring Englewood

Two weeks ago, Billy preached on the topic of waiting. He had a very profound statement:  “Faith in a patient God requires waiting.” I believe that waiting is a tool that God has used in powerful ways in my life. Many times I have hoped that God would use blessings to draw me closer to His Holy Spirit and into a deeper understanding of Him, but the reality is that the crucible of God’s love and the incubator of his plan for my life and most of his children is not blessings, but waiting.

For me personally, the largest season of waiting thus far was about God’s calling on my life. In some ways from 2001 - 2015, but most specifically from December 18, 2009 - October 15, 2015, I was in a very intense season of waiting on the Lord while not understanding exactly how or why I was in the situation I was in. During those six intense years of waiting, our first child was born, we had a difficult miscarriage, and my wife and I shed many tears. We asked many questions. The Lord was with us, but many, many times we could not hear his voice. We regularly were on our knees in prayer and often one of us would wake up in the middle of the night because we could not sleep. God’s presence was quiet and yet so close.

Eventually, God orchestrated seasons of my life from before those six years and during those six years all together in amazing ways. He brought pain and joy together in a way that brought Him glory rather than my comfort. On October 15, 2015 His calling became perfectly clear. As a result, our family (including our 6 year old and 5 month old) moved to Uganda on January 2, 2016. We were asked to direct a new global health study abroad program at Uganda Christian University and we are so blessed to mentor college students from Christian universities across North America during their semester abroad in Uganda. The University sends us home each summer for a home leave and that is how we have been able to attend Wellspring in these past weeks. We have such deep gratitude for the Lord’s calling and for what HE is doing in and through our family!

We have also led a non-profit and ministry in Uganda since 2008 called The Mango Project. The Mango Project, by fostering partnerships with local communities across various faiths and ethnicities, is empowering individuals with the skills and techniques necessary to preserve and sell produce. By increasing the local economy and improving nutrition, communities in the West Nile are able to remain in rural villages with new resources. You can learn more about The Mango Project at

God has brought so many of our passions together as we are truly living out our calling in Uganda. We get to equip American students who desire to serve God in the medical field with a global vision of God’s kingdom, we get to create partnerships with all different religious backgrounds in order to help fight malnutrition, and we get to serve the Lord in Africa which has been on our hearts for years. We would never have thought that this was what God would do through our season of waiting, but our God is an Awesome God!

Tomorrow night, Thursday, July 7th from 6:00-8:30pm at the Space Gallery on Santa Fe, is the annual event for The Mango Project. We would love to have more members from our Wellspring community join us for this event and hear about what God is doing on the other side of the world. It is $35 a person and this covers a great dinner, two beverages, live music (by Jeff Gayle’s new band), and supports the work of the Non-Profit in Uganda. My wife and I will both speak at the event and it would be an honor to have you join us.

In regards to waiting, I pray that this brief write up can speak into the lives of those currently waiting. I have learned that when things in your life seem so incongruent and you continue to ask for God’s will to be done and seek his face… don’t stop waiting. Lean hard into His Holy Spirit and the community of His Church. The more that your situation does not make sense to the world, then it is usually a good sign that God has a profound plan for your life! He is always faithful and His love can reach your heart no matter how far away you feel from HIM.

For more information on The Mango Project event, go to http://www.themangoproject.comor contact Micah Hughes at