Serving Lunch at The Well

By: John Nordlander, Pastor of Compassions

Wellspring Englewood For almost 10 years now, Wellspring Church has served a lunch for the people of Englewood and the Wellspring community.  Whether you are homeless, in transition, down on your luck, a hungry seminary student or just want to enjoy the community of The Well, there is a plate of food and a table to sit down at and enjoy the people around you.This summer we are struggling to find people willing to prepare a lunch and serve it to our community.  Things are busy, lots of activities and it’s hot down in the basement.  But let me give you a 5 and 8 year old’s view of serving this past weekend.

Last week, my son, his wife and 2 boys arrived in Denver for a visit.  The boys spent the night with us on Friday and as we were talking they wanted to know what Papa did. I told them about The Well.  I then invited them to come down and help us serve lunch after church.  It happened to be a Sunday when we did not have another family or Life Group volunteer to prepare lunch and serve it, so we really were in need of help. This turned out to be a great opportunity for both The Well and the boys.

We had salad, pizza, cookies and cake for dessert.  The 5 year old stepped up on a stool so he could help serve the pizza. At one point he asked one of our guests who was headed for the dessert before he got his pizza, “sir please get back in line and wait your turn” and the guest got back in line.  Wow, the power of a 5 year old…

The 8 year old had a ball moving around the room with a giant plate of cookies, asking people if they would like another cookie. I think this is an 8 year old boy’s dream holding a giant plate of cookies, offering cookies to everyone in sight and probably having one himself on occasion.

My grandsons had a wonderful time.  They found that people are just people no matter what their economic status might be.  People enjoy cookies and pizza and a place to sit down and enjoy the company of others.  They had fun and were full of questions.  They got to see the body of Christ at work.

These are not the first kids to help serve in The Well.  We have many Life Groups and families come down to serve and everyone gets to have a part.  We have adults and kids that look forward to being a part of helping by serving food, cleaning up tables or talking with our guests.

We need help! Almost every Sunday this summer is in need of a Life Group or family to volunteer to make and serve lunch. I want to encourage you to drop me an email or give me a call and we will find you a Sunday to serve in The Well.  Or to sit and have a conversation around a meal and to enjoy community by being the hands and feet of Jesus to a world in need of His Love and care.

John Nordlander, Pastor of Compassion