Update on Beloved

In the past few months, Beloved has experienced a lot of God’s WILD way of working and it has been AWESOME! I won’t be able to tell y’all about all of them but I will tell you about my top favorites.

A little over a month ago, I got to experience the most unexpected and by far one of the most divine, sacred, and incredible moments that I have ever witnessed in Beloved. I was on outreach with Melissa (our Outreach Program Director) and we were inside the dressing room of the club we have been going to since the very beginning. It quickly became intense (in all the best ways!) and Melissa was asked by a dancer to pray for her. So of course, Melissa prayed over her. And then something we’ve never experienced happened…


And y’all, she didn’t just pray a quiet prayer. She prayed so loudly and boldly that it stopped all the other dancers in their tracks. She prayed with such intensity that everyone felt and knew the Holy Spirit was SO present in the dressing room. She prayed that God would protect, favor, and bless us. She THANKED and praised Him for us. When she ended her prayer, she looked at us and said “just y’all wait…I’m going to be standing where y’all are in a month. I’m going to be on y’alls side of this…just y’all wait” (she even said that many y’alls!! my kind of girl!). The Lord was good to us that night and affirmed us in ways we could never have expected.

Another awesome thing happened on Memorial Day. BELOVED THREW OUR FIRST BABY SHOWER. I met a woman at the very beginning of Beloved and have slowly built a great friendship with her. One day back in October, she pulled me aside to let me know she was pregnant again with her third baby. She is only 22 and has a 2 and 4 year old. She told me she was thinking about aborting the baby because she couldn’t imagine bringing one more child into the mix since the babies’ daddy is unreliable and is always cheating on her. She asked if I would go with her should she choose that route and I asked her to pray about the decision and to wait a few weeks before deciding. I let her know she was strong and that babies were a miracle from God and that she could do it, and she wouldn’t be doing it alone! Beloved would help however we can.

7 months later, here we are throwing her a baby shower! It was a beautiful day. She brought some of her family and her 2 little girls who we got to spoil rotten. She asked that I invited some of my “church friends” and about 25 women showed up to celebrate her and new life. We even had a group of mamas from Wellspring donate gifts even though they couldn’t attend the shower. Which brings me to my next thing…

Wellspring continues to blow my mind. When I started Beloved, I knew that I wanted a church to be at the center of everything we do. I thought to myself, “if I brought a friend who I met in the club to church with me, where will she experience God’s love and hear God’s truth the most?” Wellspring. BUT, what I wasn’t expecting was how many people in the congregation were going to respond to the practical and tangible needs of the women we are building friendships with.

For instance, sometime in April I posted a status asking if anyone could take in a girl who was running away from her pimp/trafficker and needed a place to stay for a few nights. THIRTEEN people responded to this request and NINE of these people were from Wellspring. They offered rooms in their homes, money to put her in a safe hotel, gift cards for groceries/food, bus passes, etc. I was in awe of the courage and willingness of these families and how God was once again using the body of Christ.

And for this baby shower, we had a group of mamas who couldn't attend the shower but still sent thoughtful, practical, and beautifully wrapped gifts for her and her children. We also had  several women from Wellspring come to the shower and love her SO well.

So THANK Y’ALL for rallying around us and supporting us. It is an honor to have Wellspring at the center of this ministry. God is so good!