Church Plant Highlight: Women's Ministry at Wellspring Littleton

By: Sara Evans

I’ll be honest: When I was invited to join the women’s ministry team this year, I was initially hesitant, as event planning and coordinating hospitable details aren’t exactly my forte. Thankfully at Wellspring Littleton, women’s ministry is so much more than that. Yes, there is always an event and a spread of some kind, (and thankfully there are many women who are so gifted in making the spaces we inhabit bountiful and welcoming). But it is mostly about us as women simply coming together—to pray, to share our stories, to hold sacred silence for one another, to laugh, and to be. What I have found so refreshing about our times together is how truly counter-cultural they are. In a society which often pits women against one another and invokes competition, there is rest and freedom and acceptance to be found in a gathering of women who love and celebrate one another. We are young, mature, mothers, wives, widows, single, students, working, retired. We gather around one another to celebrate new babies, jobs, or engagements, and we also come together to grieve the painful parts of our stories, past and present. In all things, we look to God as our source of strength and gratitude and we find Him together.

This year, our women’s ministry focus is on being a blessing to others, wherever we are in our respective daily lives. We do this through the power of the Holy Spirit, who gives us identity as chosen, beloved daughters of God. We each have unique gifts, callings, and passions, and rather than compare or envy one another, we cheer each other on as we live into the lives God has given us. Our stories are each unique, but in letting them thread together, we are creating something beautiful.