Families Serving Together In The Well

By: Mike Sandgren, Justice and Mission Intern

Last Week in The Well

We had a powerful and impactful lunch at The Well on October 30th. So many images of our meal are still running through my mind, and I suspect many people who were in attendance are having similar experiences.  It was a special day.

The lunch was provided by the Children and Family Ministry.  A combination of families provided soup, biscuits, vegetables, and desserts.  Holly, the Children and Family Intern, took charge of decorating The Well with Fall-themed tablecloths, centerpieces, and lights.  Families with young children joined us to either help serve or just share the meal with us.  Perhaps one of the most memorable images is of a line of children, standing shoulder-to-shoulder along the countertop, helping serve lunch to our homeless friends.  So many people joined us for lunch that we had to set up an additional table to seat everyone. We even ran out of chairs!  I ended up standing because we needed every last chair in order to give everyone a seat (which is a GREAT problem to have).  Between the decorations, the presence of the kids and their families, and the sheer number of people in attendance, I think everyone can agree that this meal in The Well was a raving success.

In one particular moment, as I stood at the back table and observed the community during lunch, I realized that I was looking at a manifestation of our vision for The Well.  I was watching as relationships were being formed across socioeconomic barriers.  I was watching as members of groups who, within our society, are isolated from one another were being mutually blessed by people who are different from them.  I was watching as common ground was found through the gospel and a shared meal.  In fact, I was watching as the Kingdom of God was being enacted.

As I said, last week in The Well was a very special day.  I fully expect to see and experience more days like it in the coming weeks and months.  I hope, if you haven’t visited us in a while, you’ll consider joining us soon! 
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