Wellness At The Well

By: Kempton Jackson, Discipleship Intern

Welcoming the stranger is the essential ministry of The Well. As God’s people, we believe that because we have been blessed we are to bless others (Gen. 22:18) and that as we have been welcomed into the Trinity so too we are to invite others into our community, especially the vulnerable and different. Miroslav Volf has said, “Inscribed on the very heart of God’s grace is the rule that we can be its recipients only if we do not resist being made into his agents; what happens to us must be done by us. Having been embraced by God, we must make space for others and invite them in – even our enemies.”

With these imperatives in mind, for nearly three years now, volunteers have been gathering Sundays after second service to invite in and minister to the medical needs of The Well community as a people sent out into the world in peace for service to others. Our examination room occupies a small space next to the youth office downstairs. Here the patients are welcomed, examined, and heard by one of our two devoted medical doctors. Each M.D. is supported by a team of one to four volunteers who collect vital signs, bandage wounds, pray, converse, tend to the feet of our guests, and in general offer community for the patients being served that particular week.

We offer these services and community because concerns of homelessness are overwhelming. At Wellness we attempt to hone in on the disparate needs of our guests. In addressing medical needs, patients often allow us to step into a relationship of warmth and conviviality. In these moments sociological, ethnic, and religious barriers are overcome and mutual “God bless yous” are shared. Our Christian faith calls us to be the humans God meant us to be, ones formed in his image towards mission and service to all people. At Wellness we step into that image as ambassadors of peace and service for those in need in our community of Englewood.

So we invite anybody from our church community to join us! You don’t have to be a medical professional, but you do need a servant’s heart and a love for Englewood’s most needy. We are in particular need of one or two individuals who are able to draw blood samples during our clinic hours. We would also welcome a few individuals who would be willing to provide a presence of peace and security. Also, the Well and the Wellness clinic are always in need of extra large men’s white crew socks.