Walk With Rwanda

By: George Sverdrup

Once again Wellspring has the privilege of showing our gratitude and at the same time investing in the future of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Rwanda.

Throughout the journey of North American Anglican churches from being missionary churches sponsored by the Anglican Church of Rwanda to joining the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA), the Anglican Church of Rwanda has been our friend, our leader, our mission ally.  Now we have the opportunity again to invest in their future just as they did in ours.
Walk with Rwanda (WwR) was created to assist the Anglican Church of Rwanda in its own journey toward mission growth and financial stability. It has now been adopted as a project by the Anglican Relief and Development Fund, an arm of the ACNA. This is an important milestone because it broadens the base of support for WwR and facilitates fund raising.

Working with Rwandan Anglican Capital Investments, the anchor investment will be a commercial building in Kigali, Rwanda, on land owned by the Church. The building, with both retail and office space, will provide annual cash flow to the Church sufficient to offset previous annual contributions from North American Anglican churches and to expand significantly the work of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. The end result will be financial freedom and greater Kingdom work in Rwanda.

The building is projected to cost $1.5 million with a total project cost of $2.1 million. The total costs includes (1) a tithe by the Rwandan Church to support the Kigali Anglican seminary and nutrition projects for children in three dioceses, (2) construction contingency funds and (3) costs for raising funds. To date about $750,000 has been pledged with a portion already given in cash.

Wellspring has the opportunity to continue to express our thanks to Rwanda by investing in the future of the Rwandan Anglican Church. Last year Wellspring Englewood gave $21,760, and Littleton contributed $11,000. Englewood’s goal this year is $20,000. Would you prayerfully consider making a gift to Walk with Rwanda through Wellspring Englewood this Advent season?

Your generous support will enable the Church to provide education for many—from pre- and elementary school for youngsters to theological training for those called to ministry. It will empower the Church to feed those who are hungry, to care for those who are sick, and to offer hope to those who cannot see beyond their despair.

It’s not about a building—it’s about hope.  In this season of gratitude, hope and celebration, will you give hope to others by contributing?

Donate today at www.wellspringenglewood.com/walkwithrwanda