Children and Family Baton Pass

Dear Wellspring Family,

It is with great joy that I get to announce that Sarah Siegler is stepping into the role of Interim Children and Family Director. The reason for the interim title is to ensure and clarify long term fit for both the Siegler and Wellspring family. I am deeply grateful for God’s grace in providing Sarah to take the baton from Brent as he prepares to plant RiSo Church.

As Sarah takes over the role as the Children and Family Director, this will allow for a smooth and seamless progression in the Children’s Ministry.  Sarah and her husband Eric were part of the original 15-20 people that started Wellspring.  Sarah was also responsible for starting our Well ministry that reaches out to our under-resourced friends in Englewood.  Currently, Eric and Sarah lead an Adoption Life Group that has grown to 60 in attendance. 

Sarah has a calling to see parents as the primary disciplers of their children and she wants to come alongside parents in providing support, encouragement, and prayer.  Sarah is a go getter and exudes a deep love for people.  She is a person of vision, strategy, ideas, and loves kids.  Wellspring is truly blessed with this opportunity. 

Sarah will start March 1st when Brent officially becomes the Church Planting Resident.  Sarah will not only have the support of Holly, the Children’s Intern, through May but also access to Brent for the next twelve months if any questions arise.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.  Praise God for His provision and faithfulness. 

All for Jesus,