What do you listen to?

I’d venture to guess that, like most people, you listen to lots of different things. Whether we’re at home, in the car, at work, or in the grocery store, most of us are constantly listening to something—music, podcasts, audio books, radio, and the like.

But have you ever considered how the things you listen to affect you?

Specifically, (and probably not surprisingly) I think of music. Athletes listen to music to get themselves “pumped up” before the game; after a stressful day you might put on something that’s a bit more calming to help you relax and unwind; when you’re having people over for dinner, you might put on something a bit more laid back, but also bright and fun.

Or consider the affect to the listener of the politically-charged radio talk show. Whatever your political persuasions, I doubt many of us after listening to even just a few minutes find ourselves at peace. No! We’re fearful, angsty, maybe even angry with those who don’t see things the way we do.

The things that we listen to shape our attitudes and emotions.

If you were with us this past Sunday, you probably noticed that we made some pretty dramatic shifts to our worship service in order to help us engage the season of Lent. Among other things, you probably noticed that the tone of the music was more subdued and reflective. [This isn’t to say that we can’t, or won’t also be joyful and exuberant in this season—after all, even in the midst of the Lenten fast, Sundays are feast days!] So in order to help you maintain this posture throughout the week, we’ve created a playlist of songs that can continue to foster a sobering, mindfulness of our sin, our desperate need for forgiveness and reconciliation, and a greater appreciation of the mercy and grace of our Savior.

Check out the playlist below, and join us on Sundays during lent to sing these beautiful songs together.

David NorrisComment