Daily Prayer :: An Anglican Guide to Spiritual Rhythms

Months ago in a sermon our Lead Pastor, Billy Waters, spoke about his own spiritual rhythm that he practices daily.  We received a great deal of feedback from folks wanting to know where they can get their hands on the resources that he uses to guide his time through the liturgy and lectionary.  Unfortunately, we simply could not find anything that combined these resources with intentionality and clarity.  So...we created it ourselves!

Daily Prayer is a book created by the staff at Wellspring Church to simply provide a construct for connecting with the Lord daily.  Through rhythms in the morning, midday, early evening and late evening, our desire is that people would experience a revitalized connection with their Creator.  You can pick up a copy of Daily Prayer in the Wellspring Englewood foyer each and every Sunday for $10, or you can simply order one online and we will ship it to your door for $12.

May this resource guide the hearts and minds of God's people into closer relationship with Him.