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We can't wait to meet you.

Thanks so much for visiting our website. We could spend a bunch of time telling you all of the wonderful things about Wellspring, but we would rather you come see for yourself.  So scroll on down and plan your first visit!


So Where Is Wellspring?

Wellspring Englewood is located at 4300 S Lincoln Street, Englewood, CO 80113

Our services are every Sunday morning at 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:15am.

What is Wellspring Like?

Services at Wellspring are a unique blend of the ancient and modern, combining deep and heartfelt liturgy with contemporary and vibrant worship.  Our services are roughly 75 minutes long, and we all partake in the sacrament of communion at the Lord's Table every week.

I have kids...what do I do?

When you arrive at Wellspring for the first time, we ask that you visit our assisted check-in station in our foyer to check your children in.  Getting your child back into your arms is a high priority for us, and this system helps us greatly.

We place a high value on families worshipping together, so this next part might look slightly different than some other churches.  Once you check-in, your kiddos from Pre-K to 5th grade will stick with you and head to our main service (feel free to drop off the little ones in the nursery).  Before the sermon begins we will dismiss them to Sunday School, where they will get to experience their own age-appropriate program.  After the sermon, you will leave to pick up your kids and bring them back with you for the end of church.  As a family (kids and all) we will partake in communion together.

Is there anything else I should know?

Once you arrive and get settled, make sure you stop by our Welcome Center in the foyer and let us know that you are new.  Katie, our Connecting Pastor, would love to meet you.

That's it!

You are now fully prepped to visit Wellspring Church.  Pick a date (we are here 52 Sundays a year), and come join us.  Seriously, we can't wait to meet you.