Welcome to Flood Middle School!  

We love getting to invest in the lives of the 6-8 grade students in our midst and do our best to create spaces that are catered to the needs of our students.  Our primary space to connect is on Sunday Nights from 6:30-8:00pm for our Flood Middle School Gathering.  This is a space where you will experience teaching, meals, activities and student life groups that engage a discipleship lifestyle.

We also engage in camps, retreats and events throughout the the year that are great spaces to connect with other High School Students at Wellspring and the surrounding community while growing in our rhythms of following Jesus.  


Foundations is a semester long intentional discipleship cohort for 7-8 grade students.  It is meant to be a faith formation milestone experience, which means that is is offered in limited opportunities and is intended to help middle school students engage some of the foundational concepts and beliefs of Christianity.  Our curriculum is based on the ACNA Catechism, but adapted to fit a Middle School age format.  

Foundations  meets weekly during the spring semester  and is completed with a Capstone Trip to South Dakota.  We completed our initial cohort in Spring of 2017. Our next Foundations last spring and the next cohort will be offered Spring of 2019.

Upcoming Events